Our constantly evolving search has brought to your virtual store the possibility of delivering the best search results to users, this is why we use it a series of mechanisms to ensure the deliverability of results relevant to them, and how does it all work?

At the beginning the tool analyzes all fields configured and marked to be used in the search, this guarantees greater flexibility and precision in the results, allied to this we have our synonyms directory, that is, a configuration area to place terms or aliases for some words, for example, a clothing store of sports, he has in his register the word Flemish, but he knows that many are looking for mengo or mengão, he crosses these words, in a very simple way, and the search starts to having these terms in your analyses, with our search words and terms report you will be able to have an exact idea of ​​how your customers are interacting with your search. shop.

Another very important feature is the possibility that the search includes colors, a user arrives at your store, and wants to search for an article in blue or pink, just it adds color to the searched text that all products that meet that search will pop up on the screen for it, and that's not magic, it's HintUP® working smart to bring the best to your store.

You can use or create a search in your store, even if it doesn't have any search, we have the ability to put a search field for your products, on your blog for example , our intelligent search can be configured to meet all your needs, and we are constantly evolving, always ensuring technology that turns into sales to your store.

  • Easy access to searched products with Live Search.
  • Spelling Correction.
  • Search by Colors.
  • Quick view of products.

Our smart search will help your visitor to find products in your online store much faster. with this you present in an organized and fast way to your customer what he is looking for, the chances of conversion increase a lot.

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