Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to convince customers to leave their personal data in the store they visit, this can happen for several reasons, but the main one of them is the distrust on the part of the client of how this information will be used later, but we may be able to break this belief of the misuse of the data, using our Roulette Poptop, whose main objective is to collect personal data from customers, but in a totally transparent and legal way, Roulette can awaken in people the desire to win, for this fact we always attach several prizes to it, which can be a discount coupon to be used in the cart, people are now used to using discount coupons and what is more important, most of these people already know how to use it, we can also put in free shipping, which also it's something we know customers love, you can even add freebies or anything else you want, up to 12 different prize types can be placed on our roulette wheel.

What's better is that the Roulette Poptop converts very well, it's something really powerful, and at HintUP® you have the best Roulette, and you can configure the time it will appear for your customer, you can also specify how long after the spin, the customer can run again, in addition to the customized and flexible layout, we were able to deliver the roulette wheel that fits perfectly in your shop.

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