How do you know what a customer wants? How could you create a window for each potential customer who enters your virtual store? Does he prefer green? Yellow? As a retailer, you will be able to manually create such customization in your store, and still be changing these windows on a daily basis, of course, impossible!

It is essential that the customer journey is as rich and interesting as possible, as this is what will convert this user into a customer. Show the right products and consistent for these customers, is to increase the possibility of a successful purchase, with the HintUP® recommendations tool, you can make this customization automatically, in addition to using products that the user is interested in, at the moment he is browsing, we create shop windows based on the behavior of all our customers, windows at national and state level, that is, you can create a showcase of best sellers, for example, for Rio Grande do Sul, another for Pernambuco, another for Amazonas and another for São Paulo, and this is valid for all states in Brazil or in the world, let's see some more personalized windows:

Recommendations for You: This is the client's window, the window that is 100% customized to your visitor's interests, interest from the moment he starts the navigation in your e-commerce, through artificial intelligence, we observe its behavior in your store, and we start to offer other products that it may be more interested, we know that sometimes, the customer ends up giving up on the purchase, as he no longer finds exactly the product he is looking for, with this window he will certainly will find.

Alternative Products: This window is perfect to show other products to the customer, with a great and important detail, it will verify and analyze the image of this product, understanding what you are looking for, intelligence will indicate similar products to the chosen one, we guarantee in addition to these similar products, products that the customer didn't even know it would exist, and that it's even better than the product he was originally looking for.

Hot Products or Products That Are Heated: HintUP® can predict, with its intelligent algorithms, the products that are on a rising trend in your store, anticipating often the trend that comes from the market in general, this window is interesting for its customers, as it puts relevant products in front of them, which they certainly will recognize, and knowing that the store already has such products, he anticipates and makes the purchase.

Collaboration: This window is very interesting, as it can predict the path of customers in your store, when browsing between the products, the windows are molded with the biggest possibility of purchase, that is, it is an interesting showcase for those people who are browsing your store, without much interest in buying at that moment, knowing of this behavior, we base this intelligence so that it takes the user to purchase, as we efficiently manage to create a path to their chekout.

Newest: Our system manages to know the date your products went on air, thus creating a showcase with the newest products in your store, releasing you to worry in always creating the showcase of releases manually.

Lowered in Price: We are always monitoring the price variation of your products, sometimes a product drops in price and is forgotten to be placed in the window , manually, of promotions, for example, here again our window automatically detects this for your store.

These and many other intelligences are available to use throughout your store, leaving the heavy work of customizing your windows to HintUP®.

  • Show personalized products to each visitor.
  • Automatic products going up in their shop windows.
  • Easy setup and customization.
  • Showcases on pages previously abandoned and without products.

HintUP® Showcases elevate your e-commerce, making it more attractive and intelligent for your audience, which every day becomes much more specific and demanding.

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