Without a doubt, one of the great forces that move a person to buy is the fear of running out of that product, and this incentive model is widely used in all the market areas until today, we are talking about scarcity, when we say that a certain product is running out, or it is the last units, we are generating a feeling inside your client of need for action, either he buys now, or he may soon run out of it, for this HintUP® created Poptop de Stock, it aims to show your audience that the product is being purchased and/or is running out, with a coherent system and counting, we pass credibility to customers, with this, he is more motivated to take the action of making the purchase. The Stock Poptop is normally used on the product page, to create a direct connection with your customer, it is also possible to configure the time that Poptop is in will come to the customer, and the frequency too, not to mention all the customization that can be done in her design.

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