Often the owners of virtual stores have rules that, if reached, customers can obtain advantages, of course, in this way the store owner sells much more and the customer gain more benefits, being happy with the purchase, and we know that this is essential for the customer to come back to buy several times and recommend the store to their friends and family members, but it is often difficult to expose this to your audience, especially in a simple didactic and fun way, and for this purpose HintUP® created the Poptop de Progresso, this Poptop has exactly the objective of showing your client what level he is at to comply with a certain rule and thus conquer a coupon for example, this process occurs through a progress bar that comes with Poptop de Progresso, in addition to the design that comes with Poptop, with a design modern and married to your store, your customer will be able to see visually what they need to do to enjoy the proposed advantage, Poptop de Progresso can be used, in your shopping cart, there you will inform the customer that for him to get a coupon or free shipping he needs to buy R$ 300 (just one example), then Poptop takes action showing the person, how much is left for him to reach the goal and gain the benefit. In the settings it is possible to choose which page this Poptop will be displayed on, in which position, if it will be a window or part of the design, anyway it is Flexible and customizable like all our Poptops.

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