With the entry into force of the General Data Protection Law in Brazil, companies need to be aware of the requirements it imposes on virtual stores, and one of them it is the window so that the customer can see and accept the store's privacy policies, it is essential and mandatory, under penalty of fine for the shopkeeper, seeing this demand HintUP® created the Poptop GDPR, which was created to meet this need, the customer needs to click on the accept button for the Poptop GDPR to disappear, ensuring that the user actually clicked on accept, it will be displayed on all pages of your online store, thus ensuring that the customer can see and take action, it is also worth mentioning that this HintUP® Poptop GDPR can be used to inform about other types of actions where the store needs customer acceptance before continue browsing, it can have the most varied designs, it can be placed in the middle of the user's screen, in the footer which is the most common, at the top etc, it can be added a fade as well, dimming the screen to make the Poptop GDPR even more prominent.

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