One of the great difficulties of an e-commerce, without a shadow of a doubt, is the abandoned carts, potential customers who fail to make a purchase, due to plus several factors, a distraction, lack of knowledge, someone who interrupts the process, etc. This directly impacts the company's revenue, as it represents a large portion of its profitability, in addition to the customer having used its infrastructure, store, servers, employees and so on, leaving not only the cart abandoned, but also a certain loss. To solve these problems there is HintUP® Recuera, or simply abandoned cart, with the aim of converting these abandoned carts back into orders and increase in your earnings, not only that, but a chain of options forms when a new customer enters your base.

Our abandoned cart solution recovers your customers in a programmed and intelligent way, working like a radar, from the moment your customer enters in the store, monitoring their actions, the moment a cart is abandoned, a whole range of processes are started, these processes are studied so that they do not become too intrusive, which could upset customers, in fact it is the other way around, as a discount coupon often arrives in the e-mail box of this potential customer, created by the store, especially for that purpose, and who doesn't like a discount?

Abandoned cart is not only an option to sell more, but a necessity for your e-commerce, since a lot of investment has been made in your virtual store, so that it will serve simply by display, it is fundamental to sell at all times and with the greatest number of customers possible, and for that, count on HintUP® Recuera, the best cart abandoned to your store.

Our abandoned cart tool will help you increase your store's average ticket.

  • Create and configure the sending date of emails
  • We will create your Design for you.
  • Completely free setup

Get to know this and other tools that will help you sell a lot more. Abandoned cart is critical.

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