Here we have the interesting HintUP® Curiosity Poptop, without a doubt we are curious, and anything that might attract customers' attention is welcome when it discovers this Curiosity Poptop, naturally the interest in what he discovered increases and a lot, at this moment putting products on sale, or launchings of the week, or even products that are out of the rest of your store, will undoubtedly ensure good sales for your e-commerce, on this Poptop we can have various products, as it is a vertical showcase, the design created follows the store's standards, being fully integrated with it. It is also important to say that this Curiosity poptop happens in two phases, the first one we create a gimmick, an element is inserted on the page where it draws your customer's attention, he still will find out what will happen when he clicks on that special button, when he clicks a window appears sliding into the site. It is possible to customize the position and side where the Curiosity Poptop will appear.

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